medusa films


Started in early 2004, Medusa Films has successfully established itself in demanding and naturally conservative advertising community; and strives to become a top-of-mind production company in Moscow. 

Keeping abreast of evolving movie-making tools and most sophisticated industry techniques; we do know how to achieve the best in picture. Our clients will tell you that, unlike many other producers, we spare no effort to deliver great result; and that we get involved in the work very early, focus on every minor detail of the project to provide for the comfortably manageable process.

It's only right to mention that we know what "service" stands for: our founders' background and professional crew expertise are a safeguard against inferior logistics and communication. Whenever you're after a big result and need a devoted production team; do get in touch with us. In the world of business-driven behaviors and "digital" attitudes, our service is all about fun, quality and true customization.